We believe in hiring friendly and approachable individuals who are enthusiastic about the work they do. Thanks to consciously-developed, healthy work culture, our associates are always looking to push the boundaries and outperform themselves. When you join Campbell Marketing Group, you will love being part of a team that is committed to our clients’ cause and prioritizes its associates. We acknowledge and recognize the hard work put in by individuals and teams alike. We will also empower our associates with the tools needed to shine in our organization.

At Campbell Marketing Group, we do not believe in all work and no play. We acknowledge that a collaborative approach is essential for helping our firm company achieve greater heights. We invest our resources in encouraging our associates to participate in extracurricular activities that allow them to display their myriad skills. Our team nights are full of entertainment aimed at instilling brotherhood, team-spirit and a drive for progress in our associates.

In addition to going the extra mile to ensure that our associates are well taken care of, we reward their exuberant efforts with ample opportunities to travel across the world. We urge our people to relax - through various adventures, travels to exotic retreats, national events, networking opportunities and more, and road training. Additionally, we organize several events for our teams that allow them to work in different locations and learn from industry experts.

If working with us sounds appealing to you, apply today! Please send us a cover letter and your resumé to info@campbellmktgsol.com